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Last updated: Spet 16, 2012

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Umarex XBG*C
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Umarex XBG Co2 Pistol (4.5mm)

The Umarex XBG pistol is a new pistol for 2012 by Umarex, the famous manufacture for the replica air guns. They somehow came up with this idea of making a very low priced gun this year which is the umarex XBG - with a price tag of under $30! This is a huge mega deal, think about it, 410 fps, with the newly invented pop out Co2 compartment cover, everything else much like their Smith and Wesson MP40 before, moving barrel, 19 shots stick mag, this is pretty much a good deal! Maybe because they don't need to pay the license for any firearm brand and so that can cut the cost? Who knows. Honest, it is a better gun than the Browning Hi-Power which also came out this year in 2012 as well. Dang, you can't beat it. Here are some photos of the Umarex XBG

umarex xbg full

umarex xbg box leftumarex xbg box b

umarex xbg gripumarex xbg trigger

umarex xbg  markingsumarex xbg slide

umarex xbg right sideumarex xbg  safety

umarex xbg ejection portumarex xbg sight

umarex xbg  side viewumarex xbg  left

umarex xbg  magumarex xbg  co2

umarex xbg  mag spotumarex xbg  barrel

umarex xbg and walter cp99 compare

Review of the Umarex XBG Co2 pistol

A decent 410 FPS sounds good to me, for under $30, that is surely a good deal. The stick mag is great because we can use the old ones from the Beretta Elite 2 as well. The grip and texture of the plasitc feels very strong and tough as well, actually it's better than the Browning Hi Power as well. I would give this gun a 5/5 for the overall quality and price. For the power and everything, I will update this page later on when I test the gun out. Trigger pull is smudgy and smooth, light pull and easy to handle too. Looking forward to shoot it soon! Here is my video with unboxing:

Chronograph Test

Umarex XBG with GAMO 12g Co2

Copperhead Steel BBs .177 Cal 5.1 grain - Temperature 14 C° / 57.2 F° no-wind

418.4 H



403.9 L







AVG 411.2 fps                                    Muzzle Energy 1.92 ft/lb                              2.6 J

Umarex XBG - PROOF! - 220+ shots / Co2!